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>> this, fox 5 news at 10. >> a worker buried alive in a trench while rescue workers and friends frantically tried to save him. what went wrong that left him so close to death? >> and a blood isy attack in iraq on one of the biggest
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military bases doesn't mean the american withdrawal happened too soon? >> we begin tonight with an emergency alert sent to students at the university of maryland urging them to stay safe on the street. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> and i'm will thomas. the alert comes after a couple of students have been beaten. the police ask them to protect themselves when i will they look for robbers. >> i actually got the warning on my cell phone. >> reporter: the latest robbery is a little too close for tom. police say a student walking alone there at 2 a.m. saturday was beaten and robbed by four suspects. >> i have heard about a couple of muggings before and this one is close to home. we live right over here. so it is pretty crazy. >> on august 29th, three students waiting for a bus at the university shuttle stop were approached by five suspects. a couple of the victims ran to the volunteer fire station for
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help. but one was assaulted and robbed. >> it seems the suspects are preying on victims during the early morning or late evening hours. >> reporter: two days before that incident, a similar one just down the street in the parking lot of the clarion hotel. this time the victims were three students who left car observing karaoke at ej's landing at 12:30 a.m. >> we don't know if this is the same group of people or not. but the basic information at the times they are occurring it may appear to be linked. >> police are surging students to keep their guards up. >> always be aware and make sure you walk with someone else. don't walk late at night. >> i go down here with you -- but never alone or at night. i always go with friends. >> if i ever feel threatened or if i ever feel there was something i would just try to call 911. >> now, all together seven university of maryland students were involved in these mugs. the most serious were cuts and bruises. two suspects, a 15-year-old and
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a 22-year-old have been caught. but investigators are looking for at least more still out there. will? >> audrey barne wills. turning now to a robbery on southeast. two of them teenage girls. one was shot in the side and in serious condition. the other girl is shot in the foot. the third victim is a man in his 20s but don't know where he was shot. police are looking to develop decent lookout information. if we get any we will pass it along. >> the maryland primary is just over a week away. but accusations of election fraud are already coming out of prince george's county. candidates say fake ballots are circulating and they may be illegal. it claims anthony mues end corresponded -- endorsed the candidates in it. but the fake ballot tells you to vote for his opponent. that person is one of the people he blames for the fake
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ballot. >> i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it. and i said these are fraudulent, you can't carry these. but having potential lawmakers to say me, i don't care if we are breaking the law we will carry them for three days. and that was basically the response until the police actually went out to make these candidates put down these ballots. >> he linked the phony ballots to his opponent chapman and valderald and jerry mathis. we called all of them and left messages. we have not received a response yet. the fake ballot lists citizens for change as the group responsible. but that campaign committee does not exist. >> with elections creeper closer political parties are out in full force. democrats in virginia hit the pavement today trying to gain support. former virginia governor tim mccain join connolly going door- to-door to spread their message. a lot is at stake and his party can get the job done. >> you can't turn around the
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worst recession in 80 years in 18 months. i wish you could. but we god knows have been trying. the only side's other answer is no. >> no. >> the candidates kick off the dmc grassroots campaign to mobilize voters this election year. >> still no cause after a truck slammed into a restaurant in false church. police say the driver lost control and collided into this meat in a box on south washington sending brick tumbling down and left the window cracked. no one was inside the restaurant and the driver we're told will be okay. >> the call to save a burning home in northeast washington, d.c. came too late. this is what firefighters saw when they arrived on the scene. show you that video. it was on minnesota avenue this morning. you can see flames shooting into the air. smoke pouring out of the windows. by the time crews made it on the scene the fire spread to every floor. fire crews have a familiar message for homeowners. make sure you have a working smoke detector in your
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house. if not, contact 311 and we will have a unit come out and install one for you. >> no one was inside when the home started to burn. flames spread to a nearby home causing some minor damage. >> earl is now nothing more than a memory, but the storm's aftereffects are lingering. two teenagers were swept off to sea in a kayak off the coast of cape cod. the 16-year-olds got caught up in a wind gust left over from earl. a good samaritans swam out to save them but local rescue crews wound up having to take action. the teens are both fine tonight. the storm is having some unexpected consequence inside north carolina. traffic tie-ups. highway 12 opened back up after earl cleared out so the 20,000 people who have evacuated from the island headed back. they were joined by more people arriving for late summer vacation. once they did get to the beach, the visitors had no problem enjoying a quieter weekend than expected. but it is not the best weekend for the people who make
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theirliving there. there are 20 percent fewer tourist on the outer banks than there should be. >> this weekend the 4th of july week is usually packed and it is a ghost town. >> we will check again but there will be people here and a beautiful weekend. >> the warnings about the storm did more damage to their bottom line than earl themselves. one inn owner said he had 80% fewer people staying this weekend. >> the storm has had some effects here, too, but only the good kind. we went from a gorgeous, sunny mild day to a very nice night. perfect for open windows. shut down the airconditioner for a change, right? let's go to gwen tolbart to get a check on the weather now. >> that's right, maureen we don't need airconditioning. it's a gorgeous day. 82 at national airport. 72 at dulles. 87 in baltimore. still tonight skies are remaining clear. under the influence of a nice strong ridge of high pressure. tonight the temperatures are still pretty much on the mild
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side so far. but they will gradually cool down. 70 degrees at national airport. 62 at baltimore. we have got 53 at dulles. 67 for winchester. 64 at martinsburg this summer. temperatures heading down to the 50s. expect it to be into the 40s. a while since that happened. mostly clear skies. a light northerly win. the week ahead and holiday monday are looking absolutely fantastic. i can't wait to tell you all about it. the details a little later when i come back upstairs. >> i know you can't wait to pull out the mittens. >> oh, no, will. >> gwen, see you in a minute. a reminder about metro changes object the red -- on the red line for the weekend. these stations shut down friday night at 10 and won't re-open until 1 a.m. tuesday. metro is offering free shuttle buses. workers are replacing two old tracks and laying new track, installing new safety lights
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and repairing water leaks. for decades, he has been known as one of the most famous musicians in the world. >> but is he hiding a dark secret? >> the terrible burden of guilt. being part of this great deception. >> who's voice is that and what is he saying that could turn the music world upside down? >> one step closer to understanding what went so wrong in the gulf. find out what bp did today to help big significant clues to the surface. but first the heart- stopping rescue effort in prince george's county. what happened that left a man inches away from death. >> your 90 minute pour block power block of news is just getting started here on fox 5. >> fox said what do you want from us this fall? you need to degree a pair. so we did a new pair of comedies on tuesday. 
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 [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
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reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet silence]
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. >> a race against time trying to save a man trapped in a construction trench here in prince george's county. the crew was working at an apartment complex in district
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heights when the trench gave way. fox 5's stacey cohen brings us the details of the dramatic accident and the rescue. >> reporter: scores of firefighters surrounded the trench in which a man in his 50s remained encased in dirt. it all started around 11:30 a.m. when workers came to this district heights apartment building to to do some waterproofing work. they built a hole at least six feet deet. a man was in there when he collapsed. >> his co-workers were able to extricate him down to the waist to get him partly free. >> reporter: getting him completely free they had to carefully dig and to construct a wooden square around the victim so that a firefighter could be safely lowered into the trench. meanwhile, the trapped worker said little and was given oxygen to help his breathing. >> he is conscious and alert. he is having some respiratory distress. he is tired as is to be
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expected. >> reporter: just after 2:00 the man is hoisted out of the hole. he wins with pain as emergency workers whisk him off to a waiting ambulance. and the secondary task of figuring out what went wrong will likely begin. starting with questions about whether or not the trench was properly secured prior to the collapse. >> it looks 6-7 feet if not a little deeper. and the rule i believe is four feet and above you have to have sort of metal shoring or wooden shoring, something along that line. >> reporter: stacey cohen, fox 5 news. the victim was taken to baltimore shock trauma where he was last listed in stable condition. the holiday turned tragic for a family in pasadena. a 2-year-old fell into a pool. it happened on tickneck road. the family member pulled the little boy out but we are told it was too late. he was taken to the hospital but they could not revive him. >> it has been rumored for nearly 45 years. but is there new proof that paul mccartney any is dead? that is the theory in a new documentary claiming that the
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beatle's beloved charmer was killed in a car crash and replaced with an imposter. fox 5's bob barner now with the tale of the tape. ♪ when i find myself in times of trouble ♪ ♪ mother mary comes to me ♪ >> who was that musical man on stage at the white house this summer? of course it was the ageless beatle sir paul mccartney any or was it? >> it has been a terrible burden of guilt. >> reporter: according to a new documentary called "paul mccartney really is dead" the last testament of george harrison. >> i want to say how much we all loved paul. >> reporter: paul mccartney was killed in a car crash in 1966. >> they had covered up the death at the behest of her majority's government and the british intelligence service mi5 who were afraid there would be a rash of suicides worldwide if paul mccartney's death was made public. >> reporter: director joel gilbert says his conclusions are based on statements made by
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another beatle found on two mini cassette tapes. >> so we have taken these tapes that has george harrison's voice on it and showed the entire film of the era chronologically. and george harrison himself narrates this film. >> reporter: gilbert says the man we've celebrated these past 44 years is a guy named william campbell, discovered during a secret paul mccartney look- alike contest. >> the beatless came out and denied it. then they broke up within six months. >> reporter: gilbert's documentary had its premier at this beatles's tribute festival at national harbor. >> is paul mccartney dead, honestly? i don't know. >> i don't think he is really dead because i saw him in concert about a year ago. >> there couldn't be two with that type of musical genius roaming the planet. >> reporter: bruce has researched and written several books about the beatles. >> it's simply not true. paul mccartney is paul mccartney any. not william campbell in disguise or anything like that.
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>> reporter: and yet the documentary makes a compelling argument. >> so where is the evidence? mr. gilbert says you can find it littered throughout the beatle's extensive body of work. take a look at the cover of the sergeant pepper's lonely heart's club album. >> that album is a funeral. they say he died at 5:00 on a wednesday morning. we had a pool of tears. if you place some of the songs backyards. >> miss him, miss him, miss him. >> reporter: mere coincidence as the fab four have claimed. ♪ yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away ♪ >> reporter: what do you think? bob barns, fox 5 news. >> well, that's not all. the documentary claims john lennon was assassinated when he threatened to expose the imposter. you can see the full interview. good stuff there by the way with director joel gilbert on my fox >> i don't know. it is compelling. i like spooky stuff like that.
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>> an you are an legend certainly lives on. but i think paul mccartney is paul mccartney. >> i don't know. but i think impartially a conspiracy theoryist, though. don't mind me, let's move on. >> taking all of your records and playing them backwards. >> the 33 miners in chile are still alive and trapped underground. >> it really is unbelievable. the amazing moments when family finally got to speak with them in voices instead of notes. >> violent insurgents aren't letting off. the ugly standoff at a major military base. that's coming up.
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. >> miners buried alive in chile have now reached the one month mark. the 33 men still underground say they are growing weary. the rescuers say it will take another 1-3 months before they can pull the men out. fox's ben decembery with a look at how they are trying to keep
10:22 pm
the men alive beneath the surface. >> reporter: 3 flags one for each man trapped 3300 feet below the surface from a collapsed chilean mine. relatives talked to them at a video conference. >> daddy, how are you? we love you, dad. we are waiting here with a the love kisses. >> i love you lots, too. plenty of kisses for u. >> reporter: priority using the video camera they used letters. >> i got a letter from my brother and we are happy they are ear and it gives them courage. >> reporter: they use a tube the size of a grapefruit to send food and medicine and water down the shaft to men. >> initially we thought this would take 15-20 days maximum but now we know it is a long- term project. that we have two or three months ahead. we already have one month of waiting and not very calm. >> reporter: officials say drills are ready to begin a cautious dig to where the men
10:23 pm
are trapped but could take another 2-4 months to reach them. the mineers are aware the rescue will take a long time. but they don't know exactly how long. they want them to stay mentally and physically healthy. >> there is a total change regarding the first video and the spirits are much higher. >> reporter: a group of nasa officials are recommending the miners be given extra doses of vitamin d to compensate for the lack of sunlight, an adequate exercise regimen and activities to keep them busy. in new york, peter dough(s)ey, fox news. >> chilean officials worry it could be christmas before the miners are free. but american experts believe they could be rescued much sooner. another major milestone in the gulf cleanup. bp has pulled the failed blow- out preventor out of the water today. it took longer than expected because the device had developed crystals on it. that complicated the recovery. the equipment is a key piece of evidence in the spill because it's what allowed the rig to explode. a near tragedy for a church
10:24 pm
group in florida when two kids from that group nearly drowned. the two teenagers were swimming when they started to have a problem in the water. they were vacationing with a group. thankfully a group of good samaritans were nearby and sprang into action. >> they called for help. the lifeguard looked at me and he jumped from the stand and basically took off running. >> the two teenagers who were members of the haitian church group visiting the area. they are both expected to be okay. thank goodness for lifeguards. every year thousands of people lose their mothers to cancer. >> unfortunately, they carry the memories in different ways, though. coming up, i will introduce you to a virginia man who is using the skies to carry his. >> and it is one of the most significant moments in world history. japan's surrender in world war ii. but now there is a whole new way to see it. you will get a look only on fox 5. stick around. 
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast.
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i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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. >> this is fox 5 news at 10. >> combat operations ended in iraq last week. president obama proudly reporting that the military had met the end of summer deadline. but there is an increase in violence. they are making a bloody protest. one of the biggest bombings in a base in military base in baghdad. >> just five days after president obama announced the official he happened to the military measures in iraq. in an attack five suicide bombers attempted to strike what is the largest military bases in baghdad. a column of smoke could be seen following a massive boom that echoed across the city when a suicide bomber detonated aboard a minibust east of the capacity
10:29 pm
capital. two men were held off by military defenses in the gun battle that lasted an hour. the attackers were shot before they could get close and set off bomb belts they were found to be wearing. they were wounded in their own gun fight. this attack was a bitter below to the base that was only just recovering from seas of carnage when 60 recruits were killed and hundreds more injured in a suicide bombing then. just days ago in a run-up to the deadline for the thdrawal, had issued a warning to the public that a major strike was imminent. little did they know that it was the iraqi military who were the target. the authorities here boast to politicians and the military have privately been begging the americans not to draw down their forces until the iraqis feel fully confident that they can protect their own country. but public anger is now rising, not just against the inadequacies of the military but also against the politicians still squabbling over the formation of a new
10:30 pm
government. the people fear that the political vacuum could create a new security vacuum. in baghdad, fox news. at least 28 people were hurt in a bombing outside a mosque in southern afghanistan last night. it happened in the middle of prayers. police say the bomb was detonated next to the mosque and blamed the taliban. but residents here think the bomb was dropped from an airplane. the mid-term elections are quickly approaching. if recent polls turn out to be a fortune teller, it is not looking good for democrats. the republicans are leading 51% to 41 among registered voters. this is the largest leap the gop has had so far this year. david ploos admitted the democrats are the under dog. >> we won so many elections in 2006 and 2008 even in a neutral electoral environment. it is clear we will get some of that back. >> democrats need to get more
10:31 pm
fired up about the elections and show more passion. >> for decades it sat in the basement of a retired naval captain's house. now an amazing film has been brought to light, exposing more about one of the most important moments in our history. the surrender of japan in world war ii65 years ago last week. tonight only on fox the victory like it's never been seen before. here is tom fitzgerald. [ music ] >> reporter: it is one of the most widely recorded moments in history. >> it is sunday, september 2, 1945. >> reporter: black and white images from the day the japanese surrendered at tokyo bay formally ending world war ii. >> he escorts mcarthur to the veranda deck where the 20- minute ceremony is to take place. >> reporter: but one man on that day captured something on film seen by few people until now. >> it was my father's film so it was in his basement until he passed away. >> reporter: bill could say could he's costco's father is
10:32 pm
buried at arlington national cemetery. when he died he left behind moment owes from his time as a meteorologist and navigator in the navy. >> this is an album my father put together from file photographs that he obtained aboard the uss missouri. >> including what could be the only color film of the japanese surrender at tokyo bay shot by costco himself. >> he had access to color film that was just left in the locker. and nobody was using it at the time. >> reporter: after his father died, the family sent the film to the naval historical center here in washington, d.c. but with the 65th anniversary of the surrender approaching bill costco decided it was time for the world to see what his father had filmed. >> what we're doing today is hopefully color correcting and restoring this print. >> reporter: a company in dallas donated time to piece the 16-millimeter film back together. >> we have a little break here. and i'm going to tape slice it
10:33 pm
back together again. >> reporter: 65 years of storing made film fragile. >> the film has shrunk so much that you can actually see the corners of the film. >> reporter: but the newly restored nine minutes of film has historians exciting. >> i just think it is a beautiful piece of historical testament that we have not seen before. >> reporter: rob esterlawn is with the national museum of the pacific war. he says the film is rare, not only because it was shot in color, but because it shows more than just the surrender ceremony. >> it begins several days before the event. and in doing so, it reveals a portion of the importance of the event, the true meaning of the event. >> reporter: including a japanese officer being transferred from an american destroyer to the uss missouri by a high wire with charts in hand to help his ship avoid mines in tokyo bay. >> i do not believe that had been recorded in motion picture film. that is absolutely unique.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: the film also provides new details about the day of the surrender ceremony, cloud formations shot by the naval meteorologist. >> a cloud forms with a v. and he said that's v for victory. >> reporter: the many votes in tokyo bay and the large gathering of the american nations on the missouri. >> we normally see mccart think and the japanese and the foreign minister of the japanese general staff sign the document. what we don't see is that it is signed by representatives of every nation of the great alliance in the pacific. >> reporter: new images all caught from bill costco's father as he stood on the navigation deck witnessing an event that changed the world. >> i think he would be proud. i think he would be proud about, you know, about this and the fact that this initiative is still alive. >> reporter: the film will be sent to several museums and military institutions across the country. costco wants the film to act as a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many.
10:35 pm
>> i'm retired military and i know the contribution that the military has made to this nation. i just think this is one more way to acknowledge that. >> reporter: after 65 years in the dark, a moment many history now in living country. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> acknowledging and honoring our service members. >> yes. >> sometimes they are torn and tattered beyond use. >> and sometimes they are literally shredded. we are talking about dollar bills. did you know there are people whose job it is to fix them? >> who knew. >> yes. we will show you why something that might seem like a small job really adds up. >> but first kanye west ranting again talking on twitter about the price he paid for the taylor swift debacle. wait until you hear what he has done now. if gwen any westerly winds? >> nothing we kanye deal with. we will see the cool down
10:36 pm
continuing tonight. the all important forecast. no westerly winds, will. we will be up after the break. c
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. >> he shocked the world last year when he interrupted taylor swift during her video music acceptance speech. and his career -- >> that is not the package right now. >> it is a kanye moment. >> you sure did. well, his career hasn't been the same since. maureen is clearly going to follow. this weekend, kanye west took to his twitter event saying how deep is the scar? i bled hard. canceled a tour with lady gaga doors of my office clothing closed. he hopes she will perform a song he has written upon her. if she doesn't he is promising to perform it for her. >> can't wait to hear what this song is going to be. is it a taylor swift or is it a kanye song? >> can you say taylor swift rapping? >> no. >> i guess he is kind of the
10:40 pm
problem child of music. by al, i don't know, the problem child on the red skins? >> yes, but he did make the roster. >> he did. >> i know you were a little worried. >> got to at least make the practice spot, right? >> absolutely. every nfl wants to make it on to the 53-man roster but sometimes there is not enough room. but thanks to the practice squad the opportunity is still there for a cool. for a cool $5200 paycheck a week. they announced their practice squad members today. they only signed seven and all seven spent the pre-season with the team. the practice squad players can be signed to the active roster if there are injuries or a need at a certain position. this year, two draft picks are on the practice squad but only two made the 53-man roster. >> you have to do what you think is best for your football team. what we are saying is keep a draft pick, keep them a draft pick. what you do, you know, you get
10:41 pm
the people who can give us the best chance to win. you get 50% of your draft choices that make the football team you had a heck of a draft. >> maryland has a big game tomorrow when they face navy. this is the 21st all-time meeting between the two teams. the first since 2005. the mid shipmen hold a 14-6 lead in the matchup. while they try to build on the game for the terps it is all about relieving the bad taste. they like competing for maryland's bragging rights. >> i really think it's good for the state of maryland. i think for football in this state. but also just, you know, whether we play in basketball or football, to me it would be, you know, a great rivalry in something that i would look forward to. we need a rivalry in our -- in our situation. and i think an in-state. >> the nationals and pirates,
10:42 pm
the rub you are game of the three-game series. top of the 4th nationals lead 4- 0. zimmerman gets a single. ian scores followed by jason who earned his second consecutive win. zimmerman four rbis on the day. the nationals pound the pirates 8-1 to win their first road series in may. coming up on sports extra big move about donovan mcnabb and his status for the season opener. >> still ahead tonight, you know we all do this. sit in traffic jams on your way to home or coming home from work. >> but imagine sitting in one for days. show you where the nightmare just won't end. we are coming right back after this. [ music ] ♪
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[ music ] >> well, gwen, this cooldown is definitely welcome. >> i know. >> after things we have had in recent weeks and months.
10:46 pm
>> if you could have heard the commercial break it is gwen complaining of goosebumps. >> it is cold in the studios today. >> even cooler in the western burbs and areas tonight considering we are down to the 40s believe it or not. a long time since we've had that. >> yes. >> a beautiful day and a very nice outside. not much in the way of cloud cover to talk about. ridge of high pressure in control. hopefully you got out to enjoy the weekend so far. because it has been absolutely fabulous. plenty of sunshine. it's a holiday weekend so people are planning all kinds of activities and mother nature cooperated. a cooler night that's what we've got ahead of us. a pleasant labour day on tap so you will be able to enjoy that as well. lots of sunshine to come. wait until you see my five-day forecast. mid-week see a little bit of change in the temperatures. they will rise a little bit. we will get a little bit of a warmup as we head back towards that 90 degrees mark. no 90s to talk about. 82 at national airport. 79 at dulles. and 78 at baltimore. just two or three degrees below
10:47 pm
seasonal for dulles and baltimore. pretty much right on the mark for national. right now it is still into the pretty comfortable range outside. 70 degrees for national. 61 at gatesersburg. and 65 for hagerstown. up the mid-atlantic it is 68 degrees for boston. the same for new york. further south 67 degrees down to the south in virginia. so the temperatures just kind of varying here or there. but sky conditions are the same everywhere. clear as a bell. that ridge of high pressure really holding us in control here. we have had that ridge of high pressure just in control throughout most of the day. today as well as for yesterday. as we take ere we will see what's going on. because we are actually in very good stead compared to other parts of the country. into the northern plains a high pressure heading to the great lakes. here to the south we are keeping a very close eye. some storms are kicking up in
10:48 pm
the southwestern gulf of mexico. this has an 80% chance of becoming top cat next day or so. so bears watching. leeward island not quite as organized. this has a 60% chance of testimony developing into something tropical. that time of year we have seen the systems coming from the topic -- tropics so we have to watch it. a. >> a very pleasant labour day for you. no shortage of sunshine on tap. heading to the beaches sunshine as well. temperatures range into the low 80s. might get an upper 70 here or there. a very nice day for the beaches for a holiday. a great day to go out and enjoy it. as far as virginia beach is scend concerned you will have to be aware of rip current activity. but for tonight talking mostly clear skies. 58 degrees as i mentioned in the western burbs expect temperatures into the 40s. tomorrow we are warming up to 85 degrees. sunny and very pleasant with a southerly wind. here is a look at the day
10:49 pm
planner. by mid-day on labour day about 78 degrees. a dry cold front will come through on wednesday. very nice in terms of weather conditions all week. but the only issue we had is for the highlands and parts of the valley. they are dealing with extremely dry conditions right now. and drought conditions around that area. we are hoping it doesn't get any worse. because we don't want to have to deal with any wildfires. but caution in the wind as far as that's concerned. >> certainly a good looking monday for barbecues. >> it will be fantastic. we will be at your house. >> that's right. too bad i won't be. >> i'm working. >> what would you do with a pile of cash? but before you answer that, the money is burned, shredded or otherwise un useable. turns out there is a special group of federal employees responsible for piecing it all back together. 's beth parker shows us a part of the treasury department we rarely see. >> this man is cutting it up $100 bill. no, he is not made of money but he does work where they make
10:50 pm
money. this is the bureau of engraving and printing mutilated currency division. examiner sharon williams is opening a box of money burned in an armored truck fire. >> so what i do is try to pull them out and separate the notes. record people send their damaged money here in hopes of getting it replaced. this purse with hardened stacks of old money was sent in by an individual. >> when the grandmother passed away he was cleaning out the barn and found it buried in the corner of the barn there. >> sometimes it's definitely shredded. >> so it's like a puzzle? >> like a jigsaw every day. >> reporter: they roll in new cases of the mutilated currency division. in a typical year they will return $25 million to individuals and businesses. >> there was the elderly woman that is so grateful for the service because she is on a limited income. and that $20 note that she damaged means the world to her.
10:51 pm
so i think it's rewarding to be able to make someone whole in some sense. >> reporter: williams has been counting presidential portraits here for 20 years. >> you know, we have a fine time go by so you lose count. >> you may lose count of the days but not the money. some rolled in from hurricane katrina. >> we do get the original content in the case. >> reporter: water and all? >> water and all and bugs and all. >> every day is an adventure because almost like opening presents at christmas. >> reporter: far too many people try to dry money in the microwave. >> the currency has metal inning properties so it does catch fire in the microwave. >> reporter: you heard that old excuse the dog ate my homework. >> for some reason they like 20s and 100 bills. >> reporter: in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> a traffic backup along parts of the beijing highway in china make washington, d.c.'s rush hour look pretty much like a
10:52 pm
breeze. traffic jams began escalating in mid-august. thousands of coal trucks and other vehicles are backed up for miles. oh, that looks like the beltway at 6:00. the jam-up is being fuelled by road construction on a nearby highway and the opening of coal mines in the northwest. maybe the beltway doesn't look quite that bad. >> not that bad at all. >> some people walk, others run to represent raise awareness for cancer. the one charlotteville man is taking flight. he is flying 33,000 miles across the country in memory of his mother in a trip he is calling 29 days until 29t. >> drew lawrence is gearing up for a life-changing journey. a cross-country trip to raise awareness for cancer and honor his late mother kathleen. >> i've always been involved with the american cancer society. a relay for life. and thought that this would be a great opportunity to do something special in her memory. >> reporter: he leaves on tuesday on a jet blue all you can jet unlimited travel pass. on a trip he is calling 29 days until 29. it's because he will be on the
10:53 pm
road for 29 days and will turn 29 on october 6th, the last day of the pass promotion. >> it's an awareness campaign. and i just want to go out and talk to people. because even people that i've never met before, i share a common connection with and that's the connection to cancer. and that's a negative connection. >> reporter: lawrence's gel is to help change those negative connections of cancer into something positive. he is using social media outlets and his own website to spread the word and help raise money for the cure. >> i really want to bring everyone together as a community and one team. >> reporter: there are plans along the way to meet up with people to hear their stories, run races and attend concerts and sporting events. >> this is whale carry on the trip. >> reporter: it is all in memory of kathleen lawrence who died of brain cancer in 2001. kathleen was a people person who worked in the reagan administration and helped other people in high profile jobs. her spirit lives on in his effort to bring people of all walks of life together to fight
10:54 pm
a deadly disease in just 29 days. >> cancer has taken way too many family members of mine. probably of yours and of everyone i rub -- run into. if we can share those experiences and learn from them and come together as a team positive things will result. >> lawrence is did documenting his trip on facebook and we have a link on >> his mother must be very proud of him as she looks down. >> he feels she is always with him and definitely be very proud of him. >> she is with him. >> here in washington, d.c. we have some of the most prestigious museums in the entire world. >> what would happen if those museums just had to shut down. that's what other museums in smaller places are facing. the casualties of the economy. >> plus a stunning plane crash in the middle of the highway. you would have to see it to believe it. stay right where you are. air has no prejudice...
10:55 pm
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... it does not carry the opinions... ... of a man, faster... ... than those of a woman... it does not filter out an idea... ... because i'm 16... ... and not 30. so it stands to reason... ... my ideas will be powerful... ... if they are wise... ... infectious... ... if they are worthy... ... if my thoughts have... ... flawless delivery... ... i can lead the army that will follow. rule the air. verizon. right now buy a blackberry smartphone and get a second one free. like the curve. only at verizon.
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. >> here in washington we have some of the finest museums there are. >> but all over the country small museums that tell rich stories of american history are being forgotten. fox's mike tolban is taking a look at what is being lost. >> reporter: the incarnation of american kitsch places like the dutch village may be disappearing like the culture they display. [ music ] >> reporter: it's no sithsonian, but if you were driving the kids down the road you might just stop when you saw the billboard. >> here we have, you know, wooden shoe making, delf making, cheese making demonstrations and performances, dutch folk dances and the dance lessons. >> reporter: but like most even kitsch is taking a hit. tighter dollars in the pockets of visitors. >> you can blame it on the economy. even our large donors over the last couple of years as the economy wept down we saw their
10:59 pm
donations go down. >> reporter: the antique toy and firehouse museum in bay city, michigan, gets very tores from all over the country. >> we have horse drawn, hand drawn and back to the oldest motor iced fire truck that we're aware of in the nation. >> reporter: but attendance is burning out. the owners are keeping it running at their own expense. the former post office in michigan looks like a castle and costs a king's ran some to keep it open as a historical museum. >> the postal inspectors years and years ago used to open this up and they used to spy on the people sorting mail in the room below. >> reporter: visitors can still spy on each other but only because taxpayers are helping keep it open. in north carolina, the chapel hill museum could no longer aforward to stay open. and the faith fayetteville museum of art closed after 40 years. >> we are getting back and looking for ways to generation additional income outside

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